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Why You Should Invest In Gold Bullion In Portland

Whether you believe it or not, financial systems all over the world are designed in such a way that the value of every currency will continue to decrease gradually. Think about all what you could buy with $100 about three years ago. Can the same amount buy everything now?

So, when you leave your money in the bank, its value will continue to reduce gradually. This is not to say that it is not a good idea to save. You can save but it should be a little sum of money as the loss is usually directly related to the amount of money you are saving.

For instance, if the value of the United States dollars depreciates by just 0.2% within a certain period, the person whose saving is $10,000 will lose $200 but someone who has $100,000 will lose $2000. In addition, virtually every country copes with inflation albeit in different degrees. Needless to say inflation also devalues your money.

So, it is better to invest your money. One of the best kinds of investments with minimal risk is buying gold bullion in Portland. Here are some reasons buying gold bullion in Portland is a good investment.

Inflation hedge

Gold and silver used to be a medium of trade several centuries ago. Although they may not be accepted as a direct medium of trade, they are used to offset vagaries in the value of money brought by inflation. While the purchasing power of the US dollar has declined steadily, the purchasing power of gold has been very stable.

So, a lot of people buy gold bullion in Portland as a way of saving the amount it costs. Whenever they need the money, they can resell the gold and get their money. There is no fear of inflation involved.

It is more valuable

While government can control the value of the money by printing as many dollars as it wants, it can’t control the value of gold or silver. In other words, government can force down the value of dollars for certain reasons, but it can’t do that with gold.

In addition, the value of gold is determined by two major factors – its uses and its scarcity. So, government cannot do anything about the availability and the scarcity of gold. This is one of the reasons its value is very stable.

Gold is a tangible asset

Gold bullion is a tangible asset that you can save in the bank or at home. It is available in ingots, bars, and coins. So, with gold bullion, you have a physical investment.

However, it is important to state that there is no uniformity in gold bullions. They differ in purity, mass, and fineness. The value of gold bullion is measured by these three factors. Gold bullion coins usually differ in karat. Some of them have 24 karat while some have 22 karat.

This is why you should carry out a thorough investigation on the bullion and its seller before you invest in it. In fact, you should seek professional guide from experienced investors in the business. You should be led into the business. There is no industry that does not have its “bad eggs”.


Gold Bullion Portland
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