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How To Choose A Financial Advisor In Austin TX

A lot of people now call themselves financial advisors, financial planners and even financial coaches but most of them are not qualified. This is why you have to be careful when selecting a financial advisor in Austin TX. There are some qualities necessary for financial advisors but not every financial advisor in Austin TX possesses all of them. This is why you have to take the time to scrutinize all your prospective financial advisors before making a choice.


When selecting a financial advisor in Austin TX you should consider experience first. There is no trade or profession where experience does not count. By virtue of experience, a financial advisor would have handled the portfolio of different kinds of companies.

However, you need to be careful as a lot of financial advisors inflate their years of experience to lure new clients. You need to seek documentary evidence for years of experience. Do not settle for only word of mouth. While the websites of your prospective clients are a good starting point for scrutiny, do not rely completely on every piece of information you find there especially about their years of experience.

Most times, the service provider with the most experience offers the highest charges. It is okay if the charges are within your budget but if not, you will need to find a balance between experience and affordability.

Check about three to four advisors

It is not so advisable to hire the first advisor you get to meet. You can’t make good comparisons like that. Who knows? There may be better offers and terms of service out there. Instead, you should talk to about three or more financial advisors. This will offer you the opportunity to make better comparisons that will lead to making a better choice.

Consider qualification and certification

When choosing a financial advisor, it is very important to consider the qualification. A reliable financial advisor should have at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or finance related course. However, if you come across a financial expert with an MBA in Finance, you should consider him before others. Certification is also very important. In fact, many business managers will choose certification over qualification. A highly recognized certification is Certified Financial Planner (CFP). It is one of the most recognized certifications all over the world.

Choose a suitable pricing model

Advisors usually offer several pricing models so you need to take the time to select the pricing model that suits you. They can charge you based on the number of hours they spend with you. They can also charge you a flat fee for their service. Another common pricing model is by basing their charges on a percentage of assets they manage for you.

Each of the pricing models has its pros and cons. That is why you can’t say one is better than the others. It is better to choose the one that suits your company. For instance, basing their charges on the number of hours spent with you is a good model but it has a big drawback. The service provider will be tempted to drag his job longer just to claim more pay.


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